Apple Search Ads

The most frictionless way to discover and install an App


What is Apple Search Ads?

Search Ads displays your app at the top of the search results in the App Store. With 65% of all app downloads coming after a search in the App Store as announced by Apple, there is no better place to be seen than on top of an App Store search.

How does Apple Search Ads work?

By strategically bidding for the keywords you would like your app to be shown on, you can reach the audience with strong download intent. The Apple Search Ads platform operates on an auction pricing model where you are charged only when a user taps through to your App Store page.

Why do you need Apple Search Ads?

Out of all acquisition channels, App Store searches have been contributing as the major source of all app installs. By presenting your app to the right audience who are proactively looking to discover new apps in the App Store, right at the moment when they are searching for your kind of apps, this makes the most frictionless way to discover and download an app.

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